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..."No matter what you're searching for, Ithaki can help you find it. Named after a Greek island, this metasearch engine allows you to search the entire WAP universe or narrow it down to individual sites. You can even search the wired Web, if you feel so inclined.
The site boasts easy navigation and impressive search power, so you won't be disappointed with the results. The service is available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. (Worldwide)" Motorola/Cellmania review

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    Welcome! Ithaki launched an unique WAP meta search engine in October (2000).

    Type or in your phone and...

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> > Find the best wap (mobile) sites around the globe.

With our wap search engine you'll find quickly all you need in the wireless world.


Try it from the web:

    > > Do you need to find information?

    Search the news from your mobile in the BBC, CNN, Reuters, ABC and more than a thousand sources
    and read them for free.

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>>Do you miss the WWW?

Search for web sites and convert the web pages into WAP on-the-fly with our unique Web2wap converter

>> Search for your favourite midi music (Ringtones) and mp3 music .

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    news nouevelles mobile > > Ithaki Mobile services are available in
    French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian!


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